How Technology is Changing India’s Export-Import Scene in 2024

India is getting ready to step into a new era of economic growth. Technology is changing how Indian businesses trade with other countries. This blog talks about how technology is making import-export processes easier and creating new chances for Indian companies. The Current State of Indian Trade Import-export is very important for India’s economy. It… Read More »

What is Trade Surplus? Meaning, Formula, Pros & Cons

A trade surplus signifies a favorable trade balance, where a nation’s exports exceed its imports. This condition is determined by a simple computation: Trade Surplus = Total Value of Exports − Total Value of Imports When the result is positive, indicating that a nation exports more than it imports, a trade surplus exists. Conversely, when… Read More »

Global Economic forecast: Slower growth in 2024?

The global economy has had a tough time in the 2020s. In March, most countries were locked down because of COVID-19, messing up the supply chain for two years. When things were getting better, another problem came up with Russia invading Ukraine in February 2022. The European Union and other countries put restrictions on Russia,… Read More »

Where to Sell? Discover Your Perfect Export-Import Market

In the dynamic world of international trade, choosing the right market for your export-import business is a strategic decision that requires careful consideration of various factors. Whether you are a seasoned exporter looking to expand your reach or a newcomer exploring global opportunities, the success of your venture hinges on selecting the right market. In… Read More »